Our number one priority is customer satisfaction. We want to make sure our customers feel comfortable and relaxed when entering our shop. Our sales team is trained to make every customer feel like a VIP. Along with a friendly greeting, each of our budtenders can help navigate a person to find a product that best fits there needs. Our staff is constantly researching cannabis related subjects and information, including terpene values and their effects, different cannabinoids and their effects, cannabis strains, product identification, new products within the state, and lots more. With cannabis still being federally illegal, there is very little research being done and most information is based off peoples experiences and how it has helped them medically.

Deals and Discounts

Type Product Discount
Monday Edibles 15% OFF
Tuesday Topicals 15% OFF
Wednesday Wax and Oils 15% OFF
Thursday Tinctures 15% OFF
Friday Flower and Prerolls 15% OFF
Saturday Shatter and Oils 15% OFF
Sunday CBD 1:1+ 15% OFF
OMMP Medical/Veterans All Products 15% OFF
Full Loyalty Card All Products 20% OFF

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